How Low Can You Go?

A couple of weeks or so ago, I wrote this article, which was also published here. The reaction was ferocious & people decided to only read the ironic part as serious and chose to ignore my actual opinion. I was threatened as expected and since then, people have been trying to change my blog’s password.

My point in this blog post simply was that the Newsweek list of women shaking Pakistan was not a representative list. I used what made for good content and my personal opinion of the women I’ve mentioned is that what they are doing is commendable and worthy of admiration.

However, some people chose to read this only for offense and now they’re crossing all limits. My blog comments are moderated and I have the right to reject comments that are slanderous & threatening.

I was issued the following rape threat by a Saima Ameen Hameed, presumably a transvestite who still uses her male name as her email address, which is & whose IP address is “I think all you need is a really big one in your cunt. Do you agree Nabiha? I would love to give it to you…”

And then said: “I’m going to be posting a short (but vivid) video of you on Watch this space… Black bra, pink top. Stay tuned!”

Am I personally worried? No, not at all because obviously no such video exists and unless someone spends a lot of time & money on having a great fake video made, it’ll be easy to point out that it’s a fake. And if someone does go ahead and use up their resources, then it’ll be a waste because it wouldn’t affect me. I truly have thick skin unlike most Pakistanis I know. What others say about me does not affect me. If I don’t respect someone, then it doesn’t matter to me what they think of me. Why? Because I’m not insecure. It’s just as simple as that.

Similarly, people swearing at me, and calling me any names, doesn’t affect me. Why? Again, I’m not insecure & if I don’t care for someone, then it doesn’t matter what they say. What I aim for self respect and the love of those I love in return.

But what I do pose to everyone is the following question: does criticising a list justify threatening someone with rape & fake porn videos? And does the man who is being included, who had nothing to do with it, deserve this? And do my family deserve this?

In Pakistan, a family’s worth & honour is measured by the sexual purity of the female members of the family. Even if my parents don’t believe that to be true, this live in THIS culture, and in THIS country. What did they do wrong other than spawn me? Do they deserve to be this humiliated? Does my sister, who has nothing, whatsoever to do with my writing, deserve this? And what about my innocent brother in London?

Is this a game, I wonder, called “How Low Can You Go?” If so, congratulations dear offended, you’ve proven that it’s possible to easily hit the lowest of the lows and have proven that it’s possible to be an elite terrorist.


29 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

  1. Really sad but of course acceptable. Shows how trying to poke the bubble of the ‘high society’ aunties and ‘fashionistas’ makes them run amok. Not to undermine the bitterness of the responses you got, it had more to do with it being more visible (on ET). Abira had a much, much longer critique and I guess nobody read it

      • Yes, go that Shahid! Yes, you’re right. Abira’s piece was fantastic but it was probably too hard a read as well. You’re right that it has to do with it being more visible. It has gotten over 500 hits since it was published in ET.

  2. This world is so ful of sick, crazy fucks. why don’t they drown in their own muck rather than make life miserable for other people.
    Salahuddin al Rawandi or whatever is your name, you are a sick fucker to say what you have to someone who is merely expressing her opinion.

  3. Sorry to hear all that but I’d not call them elite terrorists, they are simply army terrorists. What I suggest you have two choices either get synchronize with them or if you want to fight then keep a close eye on them. Don’t concentrate on the people who attack you but try to understand the ones who are behind these people, device more effective attacks in advance. And when you feel yourself under attack, attack them more voraciously. Believe me when your attack is more effective than theirs, you would see the results in your favor.

  4. I would treat him as if he doesn’t exist. Why give him the attention which he seeks and definitely not the satisfaction that he’s getting to you.

    In social psychology, they taught us you can regulate behavior by controlling the reward. For example, every time you turn the door knob the door opens. One day you turn the door knob and the door DOESNT open. What happens when suddenly the reward is taken away? You put more force to open the door. If that doesnt work you kick the door to open it. (this is a short-lived peak in aggression) What happens next though? Do you stand there all night trying to open the locked door? Ofcourse not, you give up and leave.
    Interesting point: what happens if the door DOES open with the kick? That becomes your new threshold. That kick will be given to that door every single time it doesnt open. This attitude of rewarding men’s aggressive behavior subject many women to abuse.

    He wrote a juvenile comment to you– you wrote about it–bunch of people are commenting on it–there’s a risk he’ll enjoy this fame and the effect he had. This could very well become reward for his behavior or reward for other people who seeking similar attention. Make the retard known he does not exist.

    When I was a kid, whenever anyone fought our teacher gave them detention. Now getting a detention meant you’re a badass, you’re kool…you’d get talked about…once you come back from detention girls would be throwing themselves over you. Instantly, the guy would become popular. I wanted this attention–so I started a fight with this kid Arthur hoping i’d get attention too, unfortunately, they changed the policy on me and instead put me on timeout (basically I stood at the corner of classroom and the whole class ignored me as if I didnt exist–made me look like a looser) After that i never fought.

    So I say take his reward away.

  5. Read both articles. The person who threatened you did not understand your complete message as it the bitter capsule was sugar-coated, or lipstick-coated should I say.

    But you are over-reacting in the second last and last para if no harm has been done.

  6. OH! THIS IS HORRIFYING! but u must not worried, our society has ppl of all types. When anyone dares to do something different people try their level base to defame them for stopping them..!! Stay Blessed!

  7. As I said elsewhere: Iss bhenchod ka mini-sized condom phat jana chahiyey. Issey herpes ho. Munh pey. Issey kisi khusray ki bud dua lagey.

  8. People, particularly in Pakistan, have a LOT of free time at hand to go around harassing people with the fake-porn-video threat…you’re right Nabiha…read and ignore and sometimes don’t even bother to read…

  9. The IP you mentioned is from the U.S. , If you are in the US take the threat seriously and report it. This sorta behavior is becoming quite common among Pakistani’s , but in all honesty such behavior has increased manifolds with the diaspora. The extremist attitudes were visible from the Pakistani’s in UK condoning Salmaan Taseers Murder. So my honest suggestion even on the hint of such a person living abroad , report them. These people eventually become problems for the place they are living in and give Pakistan a bad name.

  10. Greetings from New York. I liked your article, though its unfortunate the entire world seems to only focus on economical successes and not humanitarian. It’s typical, big successful magazines want to focus on big successful business people. There’s no money in saving the world.

    Re: your spammer, well, you’re in luck. That IP ( is unfortunately from a reader in San Francisco, a poor representation of the States I assure you. Their provider’s information is on the public registry, if you’re up to it you can report them for abuse, if you’re up to it.

    Black Oak Computers Inc – San Francisco
    200 Paul Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94124

    • Yeah no one does. Here’s the thing. The Lahori elite assume the world revolved around them. Like rich people the world over, they are supremely egotistical.

      So basically here’s what happened. Someone got someone else to write emails to tribune demanding the blog post be removed. She argued that I deliberately targeted her (of course. Like the list was so perfect that it didn’t give me inspiration?) and that I hurt her sales without any proof whatsoever. So yeah, no evidence, nothing but a severe persecution complex just like the rest of Pakistan…

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