Pakistan Feminist Watch

We’ve launched! Do visit the blog please:

I’ve also written two posts: Sexist Jokes Aren’t Funny. Here’s Why and Rape Threats.

We’re also on twitter and have a facebook page. If you’d like to volunteer or join the movement, email the editors at

2 thoughts on “Pakistan Feminist Watch

  1. Mostly agree with what you say, I have read the ‘jokes’ and rape threats part…the ‘jokes’ are not nice or exactly true,one that really bugs me is the one in which they say that most girls are crazy for credit cards and all. Are they trying to say that all women care about is money – thus we are ‘power hungry?’ ?!?!and the GIRLS DICTIONARY..’we need ; I want’ ? We are not all selfish!! and I hate the fact that people have started rape threats
    Even thought I hate what they say, I like what you have written and displayed….

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