Recircle Menstrual Cup

Last month, I received a free Recircle menstrual cup. Although the company didn’t ask for a review on my blog, I do think this is a product worth reviewing and sharing.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of silicon menstrual cups. I’ve heard about them for years yet never bought one. It seemed like a great idea in theory, but the reasons why I didn’t get one earlier include not being able to purchase it in Pakistan and not knowing a menstrual cup user who I could speak to openly.

I was also scared because of a few blogs and videos mentioning bad experiences. I was unable to overcome irrational fear despite knowing it was irrational. Finally, I was comfortable using tampons although I did worry about toxins leaching into my body. I absolutely hate pads because they give me something similar to a nappy rash but had to use them when my period was light, usually on the last day, so I’ve lived with a rash on my inner thighs for one week per month pretty much my whole life.

I have used this cup for a total of four menstrual cycles now including on my lightest day. I now have a lot more insight into my period. For example, my heaviest day is not so heavy at all actually.

However, there is a learning curve involved here. I did a lot of research before I used the cup. The recircle website provides great tips on how to insert and remove the cup. This YoutTube channel (which was linked by recircle) was especially helpful. Inserting it the first time wasn’t as easy as inserting a tampon because tampons are simply inserted and left alone. With a menstrual cup, you’ll have to check if it has opened up and formed a suction so that it doesn’t leak. I will admit I found this slightly confusing at first, which is why researching various tips helped such as rinsing it with cold water before inserting because that helps it pop open. The cold water rinse did indeed work. It popped open easily after insertion. Over the course of my four day period, I figured out what works best for me. I now know I prefer using a punch down fold because I find it easiest to open upon insertion. Inserting and removing the cup now take only a few seconds.

I did have a moment of panic after insertion because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to remove it easily. I messaged the company and they allayed my fears. I watched some videos and did some deep breathing to make sure I was relaxed before I removed it. It really does form a tough seal which is necessary to make it leak proof. What I found hardest was breaking the seal and having tiny fingers didn’t help me at all. Those of you with longer fingers will definitely find this easier since mine are child sized. Breaking the seal is messy, and blood tricked out onto my hands indicating it was broken. Once it was broken, removing it was not hard. The first removal attempt me a good five minutes, but by day four, it took me less than a minute to remove it. I can confidently say it now only takes less than 30 seconds.

Cleaning it is easy. I simply washed it in hot water with a mild unscented soap every time I removed it. At the end  of my period, I simply boiled it for a good five minutes and then put it back in the little cloth bag it came in.

I cannot recommend this product enough. I have used it for four menstrual cycles so far and have not even considered going back to tampons or pads. Order through this link for a 10% discount. You’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favour.



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