Fiction in newspapers

Where’s the ghairat brigade now?

When Pakistan’s image is “tainted” we thirst for blood but some holy cows get away with doing so over and over again without fear. The News is one of them. Remember the wiki leaks they made up?

So when this absolutely incredible story broke, I just didn’t take it seriously simply because it was coming from The News. Had it been published in Dawn, I wouldn’t have been sceptical simply because I know it is the ONLY newspaper in Pakistan that is ethical. The News simply isn’t.

This story ended up circulating the world. People the world over wanted to help this poor man whose heart wrenching tale tugged at their heart strings. Instead, they were told it was an elaborate hoax, reinforcing a stereotypical image of the greedy, corrupt Pakistani crying wolf over and over again.

So whose heads will roll? Who will be held accountable for this “shame” on our “national image”? Will there be any responsibility or apology? Or will the Jang group get away with it again like all those aligned with the deep state do?